Green Wall / Vertical Garden
Planting on roofs and walls is one of the most innovative and rapidly developing frontiers that combines architecture and horticulture. EMPIRE GREEN is committed to creating and promoting novel eco-friendly concepts, specializing in custom-built Vertical Gardens, Green Roofs and Rooftop Gardens for both residential and corporate markets in Southeast Asia.

Our dedicated team of botanists, landscape architects and irrigation experts provide structural green solutions to inspire a new breed of eco-socio entrepreneurs.


EMPIRE GREEN INDUSTRIES’ partnership with ELT India has produced a soilless Vertical Garden System powered by a patented technology called Vydro Substrate from Europe. This latest technology of structural media is a smart water management system with optimum mix of air and water to ensure perfect plant growth. Incorporation of automatic irrigation provides minimum maintenance and enables the reuse of rainwater or treated storm water for vertical and rooftop greenery. Alternatively the system can be engineered as greywater treatment system for non-potable use in washing car and flushing toilets. Further technology employed includes a sensor to monitor the moisture content which can be access through smart devices in the comfort of your home.

Product Features
Modular System with interlocking panels (30cm x 30cm x 30cm) and automatic Irrigation System for minimum maintenance can be easily installed to any height and width to the wall directly or on fabricated structure. Can be installed on surface having slopes from 30 - 90 degrees and Installation on curve or concave surfaces possible. Various planting layout options are available and can be easily re-arranged Ready garden effect &om the first day of installation Lightweight when fully saturated with water is 7-8kg per sq. ft.


EMPIRE GREEN INDUSTRIES' Soilless Green Roof and rooftop garden system powered by a patented technology called ‘Vydro’ Substrate provides the most lightweight and low maintenance roof system designed with sustainability in mind. By reducing the need for regular watering, ‘Vydro’ substrate can help to conserve water while keeping the plants at its best.

This latest technology of structural media also mitigates the detrimental impact of dry periods or drought at the same time is a smart water management system which provides a solution for erosion control. Alternatively the system can be engineered for flood mitigation in urban areas as an eco-friendly alternative to concrete surfaces
  • Lightweight and low maintenance
  • Made from eco material
  • Innovative water management system incorporating bio blanket , water reservoir and drainage board
  • Intensive Green Roof where saturated weight is 12.5-35kg psf depending on the soil depth and vegetation
  • Wide variety of plants possible
  • Extensive Green Roof where weight is 3.5-8kg psf
  • Pathways, decks, stone work can be incorporated

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