Empire Green

Local Projects

Soilless Vertical And Rooftop Gardens

Greenwall with water feature in Petaling Jaya

This beautiful living wall enhances the water feature while allowing the greenery to be enjoyed by those sitting out in the patio.

Midvalley Green Pillar

Midvalley centre court middle pillar has been transformed into a green pillar for the viewing pleasure of their shoppers.

Indoor Vertical Garden

Linda and Karen's love for plants provided the platform to install this beautiful indoor vertical garden in their living room as a living wall

Outdoor Vertical Garden

Adjacent to this Private residential pool and car porch is this 45 ft long outdoor vertical garden providing a harmonious balance between elegance and nature


This greenwall reflects the owners desire to enjoy the greenery from 3 vantage points, the bedroom at the top floor, the living room and the swimming pool adjacent to the greenwall. The greenery softens the overall outlook of the high end condominium at the same time improves the air quality of the living spaces.

Kumpulan Melaka Berhad

Located at the 5th floor of KMB headquarters , this one of its kind greenpillar uses local plants like Kroton and Anthuriums to give it a ‘ Kampung look’ using soilless hydrophilic foam as subsrate.

Penang Island

The Architectural firm wanted a green wall infront of its waterfall façade. Using a structural design which allows the pots to absorb water by capillary action while housing the Calathea based vertical greenery provides a lush greenery as well as allowing the client to enjoy the sound of running water and fish pond at the bottom.

Jalan Davidson School

A CSR project involving 300 student to learning about vertical greenery, urban farming and smart water management. A greenwall with a green gate using Flexigreen was installed beautify the guardhouse at the same time cover the filter unit exposed to students.

Overseas Projects