Rainwater Harvesting :

Rainwater Harvesting Enviro Module

EcoClean-Ausdrain EnviroModule

EcoClean Ausdrain recognizes water is one of our most precious natural resources, an asset to be conserved and re-used wherever possible.

Rain Harvesting Enviro Module

Rainwater Harvesting - Commercial

Rainwater Harvesting
  1. Down pipe
  2. Inlet pipe
  3. CDS Filtration Unit
  4. Discharge pipe to drain or soak away pit
  5. Discharge Control pit
  6. Lockable lid /grate
  7. EcoClean Ausdrain EnviroModules
  1. Welded tank liner
  2. Protection fabric
  3. Overflow pipe
  4. Coarse sand backfill
  5. Maximesh screen
  6. Suction line
  7. About ground pump

System components

  • EcoClean Ausdrain EnviroModules - 9.6 modules per 1000 litres
  • Connector pins (optional)
  • EcoClean CDS unit
  • Factory welded tank liner
  • Geotextile fabric

Download Test Report
Download Test Report - SIRIM Download Test Report - Enviro Module