Roof Garden: Drainage Cell


EcoClean-Ausdrain Drainage Cell

Ausdrain Drainage Cell
EcoClean-Ausdrian 30mm drainage cell provides a permanent, structural and non-clogging void between the building structure and the soil profile that will not collapse or distort the 30mm void enables a direct flow of water to designated outlets resulting in superior drainage efficiency compared to conventional systems.

EcoClean-Ausdrain 30mm drainage cell is the most effective drainage solution for planter boxes, roof gardens, podium landscaped areas and most horizontal drainage applications.

It features high comprehensive strength and is lightweight reducing weight on the underlying structure y 98% compared to gravel. In addition, there is a 5:1 reduction in the drainage medium height enabling greater scope for soil depth and planting.

The drainage is combination with a geotextile fabric acts the protection layer for the underlying.

Waterproof membrane and provides ventilation for concrete slabs. The geotextile fabric is placed over the drainage cell and combined with a layer of washed river sand, filters the water eliminating staining caused by gravel, stone and soil.

EcoClean-Ausdrain 30mm drainage cell is supplied in easy to handle 1m x 1m panels making installation fast, saving valuable time and labour on large scale projects. The panels can also be easily interlocked for vertical installation against planter boxes and retaining walls.

Roof Garden
  1. Waterproof membrane
  2. Protection board
  3. Drainage cell
  4. Geotectile fabric
  1. Drainage cell
  2. Coarse washed river sand
  3. Soil mix
  4. Outlet pipe

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Download Test Report - Drainage Cell