Green Wall / Vertical Garden

Green Wall / Vertical Garden
Green Wall or Vertical Gardens refers to a wall that is partially or completely covered with plants. It can be categorized into green facades and Living Walls.

(EGI Living Wall System) is the most successful Green Wall system, it is lightweight and easy to install. This modular system has inbuilt irrigation and drain, and makes use of any kind of substrate, non-biodegradable EGI growth medium (hydrophilic substrate) so there is no need to water continuously. Panels are pre-grown before installation, so the wall is green on the first day of installation.

The EGI Living Wall System has revolutionized the landscape and green building industry.

Green Wall or Vertical Gardens - Product features

  • Modular system with LW panels of size 30cm x 30cm x 10cm
  • It can be installed to any size. i.e. height & width
  • It can be cladded to wall directly or fabricated structure
  • It can be installed on surface having slopes from 30 – 90 degrees
  • Installation on curved surfaces possible
  • Longevity enabled growth medium
  • Watering is not required to be done frequently
  • Built in irrigation system reduces maintenance
  • Basal system infrastructure is not seen
  • It easy to plant, install and maintain
  • Various planting options are available
  • Provision for illumination & mist irrigation through the panels
  • Ready effect from first day of the installation
  • Weight of Living Wall when fully saturated with water is around 7 – 8 kg per sq ft.

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